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How to Cook Spicy and Delicious Kimchi Hot Pot

How to cook delicious beef kimchi hot pot is not difficult, just need some time and ingenuity, you can use the whole delicious food as this idea. Learn how to cook beef kimchi hotpot according to the detailed instructions below.

The raw material preparation

- Korean Kimchi: 300g

- Bone tube: 500g

- Delicious bacon: 300g

- Medium sausages: 4 trees to your liking

- Young tofu: 300g

- 2 peppers, 1 onion

- Morning glory, chrysanthemum, chives, mushrooms (Other accompanying vegetables if you like)

- Minced garlic and spices.

- Korean instant noodles.

How to cook kimchi hotpot

- Rinse the bones of the pipe clean, cut small into boiling water to boil out all bad water. Remove the bones, put in a new boiled water, add some salt and simmer for about 60 minutes.

- Kimchi, chives, washed, cut to taste. Onion removed, added areca zone, chopped chili.

- Wash bacon, cut thin pieces to taste. The chrysanthemum cut the piece according to your taste. Tofu cut into small pieces, for all laid out plates.

- Put the pot on the stove, heat oil with onions, garlic and non-aromatic flavor and pour in bone broth. When the water boils, add the kimchi, the onions and seasoning to taste.

- Prepare the kitchen using a hotpot, add water to the pot and turn on the stove. Let the ingredients dip and enjoy.