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A special island in France, the attraction after the Eiffel Tower

Located in the top 3 most attractive tourist destinations in France, Mont Saint Michel island is a tourist attraction with pristine beauty and ancient beauty.

Mont Saint Michel Island is an island commune in Normandie (France). Located nearly 1 km from the mainland, historically this is an easy place for pilgrims to approach the Monastery at low tide. At the same time, it is also an effective defense if the attacker passes by without retreating in time. Photo: Eudiny_insta, Secretagent_wesanderson.

The island covers an area of about 100 hectares (247 acres). The highest point is 92 km above sea level. In the highest area is the Christian monastery, the lower is the Great Hall, finally reaching houses, shops and defensive walls. The outer edge is home for farmers and fishermen. Photo: Travelzadventurer, Visitlemont.

Mont Saint Michel Island and the bay are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In particular, more than 60 buildings on the island are recognized as French Historical Monuments. The island is made up of light-colored granite and is firmly reinforced by molten lava that invaded 525 million years ago. Photo: Kelinuess, Natalishkakem.

Every year, this place has about 3.5 million visitors visit. Mont Saint Michel Island is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France, second only to the Eiffel Tower and Versailles castle. The unique features of the island impress visitors not only in the ancient architecture from the 15th and 16th centuries, the location is located but also the ebb and flow of the tide. Photo: Nyphamono, Renatacortella.

Today, you can travel on this island by three types of vehicles, including airplanes, trains and cars. This place is 400 km from Paris, suitable for those who love photography, taking pictures with mysterious, pristine views. However, you need to pay close attention to residents' homes and not to take photos of citizens living on the island, especially during religious ceremonies. Photo: Steshaho, Konovalenkohook.

If you want to enjoy the tide completely and safely, you should go with a professional guide. The tide is constantly changing, rising and falling around the island, if not careful you may be swept away. At high tide, Mont Saint Michel is as if floating on water and in the right light, creating a mirror. Low tide will show sand around, allowing visitors to walk around the area. Photo: Monika_dic, Explonations, Luciomasala,

Traveling here, you will have to walk and climb stairs quite a lot, especially the way to the Monastery. Prepare the right shoes for the perfect trip. The famous dishes of Mont Saint Michel are omelettes and crepes, you should book a table in advance to avoid having to wait long. Photo: Kelinuess.